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We salute all the mothers who are striving to balance life and support their families and communities at this time. Please enjoy 25% off site-wide with CODE: LOVEMOM25

Christina wears the Stella Pant in blush with the Vintage Polaroid Tee for an effortless chic style that keeps her feeling like herself.

How I Stay Balanced

I start my morning with a few minutes of meditation along with a few cups of coffee. Motherhood is a marathon, not a sprint. The key for me is to set small and reasonable goals for the day.

All of our schedules have been upended but I try to keep positive. I usually start the day by organizing my kid's school work and prioritizing key tasks for both myself and family - keeping things simple and as hands-on as possible. I also make sure they get some fresh air. We have loved walks and biking around the neighborhood.

I am fortunate to have my husband as a resource to help juggle schedules. We have divided tasks between us to create a system and make the best of it. Some days are better than others but we try to keep smiling through.

I also try to put myself first at least twice a week, otherwise I will burnout and be of use to no one. Taking a shower, putting on my favorite outfit and a swipe of red lipstick does wonders. Also wearing my jewelry always. I try to keep the spirit of who I am alive regardless of what is happening around me.

3 Things I've Learned Having my Kids Home

Just laugh -- When all else fails, I try to have fun and connect with my kids whether we watch a movie together or have a dance party. Life is short, this will pass and we will have memories of being together, and I want them to be good ones.

Try this fun project we did this week.

Set Expectations -- The first week we were home I created a large list of projects and was frustrated when we were not able to complete the goals. Since then I've learned to manage my expectations and create a system that works, shorter and more attainable goals drive success and happiness.

It's OK to lose Control -- This has been the hardest for me to learn. Sometimes it's okay to let things go and re-group later. The other day my kids were off-track, I had work to do, and it felt like the sky was falling, but I let it. We figured it out, and the next day we moved forward, made new goals, and started over. And that's okay. There is a constant pressure to uphold so much as a mother, wife and woman, but we are learning to let it go and let others help or simply take a break for a day. It's okay. You're still a kick-ass mom, wife, friend, colleague.

As our role as mothers, wives, and businesswomen is redefined one thing is certain, we always find a way to come together, empower each other, and thrive.

After all, we have each other in strength and spirit.

I am inspired by each of you and hope that this SALE will provide a needed break in your routine to give YOU a chance to be first -- find yourself a new piece you will love to wear, for you -- because you deserve it.

xx, Christina Karin Monley

Founder + Chief Creative Officer

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