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Your 2019 Risk List.

1. Listen More, Talk Less

We all want to be heard, but it's becoming less and less possible with the white noise of the world today. With everyone trying to make their voice the loudest, sometimes we miss the little things that others are trying to tell us. So this year, make it a point to sit back and really listen to the people around you. You might learn something new that you would have otherwise overlooked.

2. Learn a New Language

To follow up on listening more & talking less, consider learning a new language this year. With a hundred apps out there right now, it's easier and more accessible than ever. To practice, try going somewhere in your own city where they speak the language- i.e. a restaurant or grocery store in an ethnic neighborhood.

3. Try a New Look You Think You Can't Pull Off (But Can)

One of the main things women say while shopping is "I could never pull that off." Ladies, you're the only one standing in your way. YOU CAN. It's easy as a woman to be self-critical, but try being open minded and start with simplicity. For example, The Red Covet Suede Moto looks ultra-chic over a tee and your favorite jeans. These risk-taking styles will make you feel confident. Let the compliments roll in.

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4. Skip the Resort, Live Like a Local

When planning your travels for the year, look at sites like Air B&B to find a place outside of normal tourist-y destinations. You'll have more fun staying in a real living, breathing neighborhood and living like a local. It's also usually more affordable than the big box resorts (you can even test out your new language skills).

5. Climb a Mountain

Take this one literally or figuratively, but we mean it like this: do something that scares the S#!T out of you. Ask for that raise you know you deserve. Cook a gourmet French dinner. Start your own business. Swim with sharks. Climb a mountain...

6. Pick Up a Book on a Subject You Know Nothing About

We all tend to get into a rut with things that we like. Break the habit and pick up a genre you would normally pass over. Give sci-fi or historical fiction a chance. Round-out your vocabulary, learn something new, and expand your horizons.

7. Skip the Party, Learn to Say "No"

One thing we all struggle with-- FOMO, but the new thing for 2019 is JOMO-- the JOY of missing out. You deserve to take time for you and practice self-love. Laying low and getting a good night's sleep is an underrated feeling, trust us.

8. F$%K What They Think, Be the Best Version of YOU

Pretty self explanatory here ladies. Happy 2019!

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