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Your Holiday How To

Skip the seasonal sequin number this year and opt for a sleek and modern take on traditional Holiday dressing. You'll always look chic and smart.

Best part? Swap accessories to keep this look alive well past the Holidays.


This year I wanted a clean and sophisticated look that goes well beyond the holidays.

To me there is great sex appeal in a little mystery and a lot of smarts, and this look brings them both together.

I paired the classic WINDSOR BLOUSE which I tied in the front, with the SHEER COCKTAIL PANT for a subtle but edgy feminine vibe.

Literally pair this look with any shoe, you can go sparkly or minimal and do no wrong. I also picked a emerald-hued earring by Rachel Comey and a glittery red lipstick called Rebel-Rebel by

Pat McGrath (One of my all-time-favorite beauty companies).

The accessories add a touch of Holiday spirit without feeling overdone and typical.

In a few weeks I can wear this same look again and just change out the accessories for a totally new vibe which is not only sustainable, easy on the wallet, but oh so striking.

Make sure to check out the SALE asap

(it's over tonite at midnight) and let us know if you have any styling or product questions.

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