What I'm Packing to Paris + How to Make It Your Own.

PARIS. The perpetual city of chic. This year is extra special to me because it's been a major dream of mine to grow our brand to the point where we showcase a presentation in the city of lights. And here I am, fast forward 7 years, and the moment has finally arrived. What should I bring, what should I wear....after more fittings and preparation than you can imagine, here's what made the cut and is in my bag and ready for the trip.

1. Je T'aime,

Of Course

I don't need to explain this one. Inspired by Old World Paris itself, the Je T'aime Capsule is ready to hit the streets of Le Marais.

Je T'aime Blouse

Je T'aime Swing Pants

Je T'aime Essential Tee