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a. style story.

Here's a recent look I wore around town. Sophisticated and easy, not to mention also season-less, perfect for all your grocery runs... and then your big meeting. Allow me to fill you in on Spring's chicest new pieces.

The LASER CUT SUEDE JACKET is my styling pick for Spring. We know you are on the hunt for something versatile so meet your new friend. First of all this color. Long before it grazed the runways of Paris and Milan, I added it to our design color story. What can I say, I'm dizzy with love. The color is rich and neutral in tone.

Think: chestnut meets rust.

But it's not just the color, it's the cut, the silhouette, those details that scream sophisticated yet uncomplicated. Wearing it, I felt transported to a quaint European boulevard, sitting at some little street cafe with my wine in hand, listening to a smoky songstress in the background. Enter reality: I'm in Wicker Park, just picked up my kid from school and I am in a Mexican grocery grabbing a sweet drink to quell his toddler ways. That's where I ask you this: are you catching my drift?

This piece is instant CHIC-IFICATION. Wherever you are, you're somewhere better. (unless you're actually in Paris that is).

100% Italian Suede with custom (in-house created) laser detailing along lapels and cuffs. Subtle detail with unpredictable charm. Loose fitting, made to be roomy, slightly oversized and longer. I wear a Small.

Next up, the SHEER COCKTAIL PANT. This one's for all of you women who have 801 black pants and you don't need another/need another. I've got you. These pants have come in handy in my world more than I can recount. With an inner short and sheer chiffon leg, they're a day to night favorite of mine. Who doesn't need a black pant that's been upgraded with a subtle hint of sex appeal (yet still classy enough for a night at the Ritz)? Hands up.

The Sketch blouse is dropping this Summer (pictured above) but in the meantime may I recommend the VIRTU BLOUSE in its crisp white Spring color-way with back beading detail. I also love that it is reversible and can be worn with the beading in front and tails tucked. Convertible styling at it's finest.

Finally, I rounded off my look with a pair of killer vintage Chloe cowboy boots and a vintage Chanel purse in Oxblood.


a. style story.

Shot on location in Wicker Park/Chicago, IL by Roxy Yang.

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Hope you feel inspired this Spring to push to your fashion limits, whatever they may be.

Would love to hear from you. Is there a piece you'd like to see featured in the future?

Any topics you'd like me to cover? Or just say hi.

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