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LOS ANGELES -- the land of palm trees, cool vibes, & laid back style. Break me off a piece of that any day. Here's my scoop on LA's best treasures and how to look like a local.

Let's get this straight, if you think LA is all bout the superficial, the glitz and glam of Hollywood, think again, there is another side to LA that sings to my heart, part gritty, part chic, and a whole lot of unpredictable free-spirited charm. Definitely worthy of a second glance, once you look past TMZ headquarters you'll find a city with an authentic voice and a rich soul.

LA STYLE is effortless and undone. It's definitely edgy, and everywhere you look there is leather and more leather. If I had to sum up LA Style: it's part rock n' roll, part bohemian child-of-the-wind, and part off duty actress/model. No one looks like they're trying too hard (with the exception of a budding blogger or two) -- but damn they look good. Moms in the park running after their 3 year olds were unabashedly hip, rocking leather jackets and dressy hats, green smoothie in hand.

I rotated a variety of CK styles that were totally LA inspired and definitely allowed me to blend in with the cool crowd. Below are my top 3 styles that I wore on repeat, styled in multiple different ways. Hint: they're also up to 40% off from now until Valentines and the best part is that they're totally season-less and will be staples in your wardrobe for years to come.

Here's a gallery of all my CK looks and LA picks


-- DOWNTOWN LA or as it's known in the cool circles, DTLA. I came here to work but was quickly swept away by the rock and roll influence. The cultures melting together are apparent everywhere as well as a thriving art scene, definitely don't miss the ARTS DISTRICT. DTLA gives off a cool and easy hustle, one that I can definitely see myself and the CK brand part of. TIPS: don't miss brunch at the ACE HOTEL or the newly opened NOMAD LA where decor is at an all-time high. Make sure to also see some of the best contemporary art in the county, in my opinion, at the BROAD MUSEUM.

I spent most of my trip zig zagging from place to place. If you know LA, that's typical. And traffic may be one of the only major negatives (along with Earthquakes, gulp, let's just focus on the sun for now). We spent a few nights with my family in the Hollywood Hills. Nearby is RUNYON CANYON, a well-known hiking trail that looks out over the city. I recommend getting your sweat on off-hours to avoid the crowds. It's also one place where I think people may be out numbered by pooches (not a bad thing necessarily), so be prepared to see hundreds of very happy pups running the trails.

WEST HOLLYWOOD is full of amazing restaurants and shops, you have to check out classic LA style at SATINE and MADISON LA where CK leather pants, motos, and luxe blouses & dresses are the crutch of LA's cool effortless vibe. As for dinner, do not miss, NORAH. I've eaten at a lot of restaurants but this one was by far one of the best of my life. Big statement I know. But it's everything a restaurant should be - exceptional food, a little scene but tucked aways nooks where it's chill and the vibe is easy. We happen to also hang with Hailey Baldwin -- definitely wasn't mad about that (# Muse). Side note, I recommend the Chef Menu to get as much variety as possible and DON'T FORGET DESSERT.

MALIBU and SANTA MONICA PIER are not to be missed. Forget all about Malibu Barbie, this place is a sophisticated, sunny paradise fit for those who seek understated (but no less luxe) perfection, Hello Cindy Crawford.

Head to NOBU at the first sign of a rumbling stomach and indulge in some majorly outstanding sushi. I wanted to think it was going to be over-rated but honestly, it wasn't. The drink service was a bit slow, but the food and view totally made up for it. Next head down the PCH and rent some bikes along the Santa Monica Pier. Welcome to heaven on earth. Make sure to stop by URTH CAFE for anything really, but I always go for their Green Tea Lattes and Boba Teas. Lounge on the patio for minutes or hours, your call. You can't get better than this. Great spots to stay are the VICEROY and CASA DEL MAR. Another secret? The happy hour at Casa Del Mar. Full views of the setting sun and nightly music. If you're looking for some spa time, we ended up at ALCHEMIE for a couples massage. This place is out of a movie and has everything you could ever dream of, and prices that aren't bad either.

Finally, I spent an afternoon shooting a special campaign at the LACMA. If you have the time, this is one of the largest museum's in the country and features many unpredictable sites along the way, the entrance is adorned with the famous "Urban Light" sculpture. It's also next door to the LA BREA TAR PITT MUSEUM which my husband was dying to see (thought that was cute, thanks Nat Geo). So the lowdown you ask: It's the location of an ice age melt that resulted in a variety of animals and creatures being stuck in a thick petroleum tar and fossilized. It made me miss my kids as I know they would have loved it. So, if you find yourself in LA with kids, this is a great option to spend an afternoon.

So overall I'm reworking my 5 year plan to somehow get here more often/ forever /next weekend. Hope you liked my guide - email me if you have any questions.

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