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Yes. I did say white. And, it's easier then you think. Summer, winter, what season is it anyway?

In case you didn't notice, the rules on when to wear white are O-U-T, out. Bottom line: white is the new modern neutral and I've been wearing it so much lately that I wanted to share some interesting ways I've styled it.

The design process led me to ask: besides crisply cut white blouses, are there any other ways to wear white - less predictable but no less wearable? My answer came in the form of a long white leather paneled maxi. Nervous? Don't be. It's just about the most versatile piece. I'm serious when I tell you this because look at me here - what, besides jeans, can you pair with a hooded varsity sweatshirt (and baby) and feel this easy and cool? Exactly.

Sure, this look is bold and can be more "approachable" with a sneaker of some type, but I haven't had a chance to break out these killer boots in awhile and wanted to show them some love.

If college wasn't your thing, throw on a fun plaid button down or a sleek black blouse for an entirely different vibe, even a denim shirt would be amazing. I prefer dressing the skirt down to counter balance the dramatic boldness but you can play to your heart's content. This piece is meant to have fun with, but also stay in your wardrobe for a long, long time.

What do you think of my looks? Would love to see/hear how you style yours.

Romee slowly opened up and started to love the camera after the first few minutes. Was bummed you couldn't really see her gorgeous bronze leather shoes I bought from a Spanish company called, La Coquetta. Moms, definitely check it out.

Here's a more dressy look. I styled the skirt with this season's laser cut suede tee. It's understated cool-- Modest yet confident, laid back yet put together.

Hope you got some style ideas. Would love to hear from you.

What do you want my next blog post to be about?

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