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Well that was...exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time. I'm sure you're ready for your normal feed to return but that's not happening for a while my friends. September is fashion month. As we have, London, Paris, & Milan Fashion Weeks to look forward to. I'm thrilled to be watching this time from my couch!

Here is my short review of NYC trends that dominated the streets and the runways. To be honest, there really hasn't been any huge NEW trend taking over for quite some time (Besides Gucci mania). It seems almost as though everything is a trend these days - the athletic thing continues to grow, with the-more-desheveled-looking-the-better accelerating rapidly; however, there are some trends that are more dominant and interesting in my opinion.

I saw a lot of MIXED METALS from clothing to accessories, it's now cool to mix and match gold, silver, copper, brass, you name it. The metallic mixing is having a moment and I particularly like this one because let's face it, haven't you wanted to wear your cute new silver earrings but felt that you couldn't if you were wearing gold tones? Well, now you can mix it all up and be on trend. I'd be cautious not to go overboard here though - stick with two metallics and a base like black or white to keep it clean, cool, and cohesive. Get my mixed metal look from Instagram featuring the

Metallic Python Leather Mini.

LAYERED LEATHER looks were also EVERYWHERE and I'm not upset about it. Leather is personally one of my top reasons for loving fall (after red wine & apple pie). It's so chic yet warm and durable, and can be worn so many ways, giving a touch of edge to any look. You know CK is all about convertibility and multi-styling so be sure to see some of our standouts. This year there were more leather jackets, pants, dresses than ever before getting layered and tied, so get on this trend and see why it's so lovable. I've linked some of my CK favorites for you below and I am so proud to bring you these. I've worked really hard on the design and perfecting the fit and hardware. Every detail has been meticulously thought about. AND, the best part? Our prices and quality beat all the

comparable options in the market so get yours while they're in stock.

These will sell out.

RAINBOW HUES. It's clear: the 80's are here to stay. I personally am more of a neutral girl when building my wardrobe as I find it lasts through all the trends year after year, but I do enjoy a pop of color here and there. I also really love a great accessory to liven

up a strong neutral look such as these incredible color-filled rings from Anuja Tolia. The quality and brillance of these pieces are even more gorgeous in person. She launches her latest Rainbow Series September 25th so stay tuned for that.

CROPPED DO'S were on everyoneeeee. Starlet's like Oliva Culpo, Bella Hadid, and Selena Gomez were rocking this new hair style trend. I noticed either super long or super short is where it's at right now. I find the short look to be elegant, chic and smart think: Paris, long walks along the Seine, and a good book at the corner cafe. The super long ie Kardashian hair looks more seductress (think: Khaleesi) if that's your look and requires more styling to get it right. Either way, get your butt to your hair girl.

What trends will you be wearing this Fall and did I miss any of your faves? Would love to hear from you-- for real.

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