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It's that time of year again: when your IG feed is clogged with gorgeous faces, exclusive places and the latest in fashion. Last year I skipped out on attending to take care of my then two week old daughter, Romee. So this year I am making up for things. (you're not going to want to miss my insta-stories. I promise they'll be epic).

In preparation, and also since so many of you have asked, I thought I would give you an inside glimpse into my carry on, yes I said carry-on. Since I'm not taking children on this trip and want to get around without excess baggage (pun intended), I'm only taking what I know I need and love.

So here's the real deal friends. Contrary to what everyone wants you to think, NYFW is not all glam and amazing, all of the time. I find it exhausting and sort of like going to a club -- not that I've been in the past 7-10 years but you catch my drift. It's all craziness, and everyone thinks they are somebody really important.... the I-know-the-editor's-daughter- who-got-me-in type. Insert eyeroll/ slightly jealous. Ok back to my carry on, lest I digress.

I pack light girls. It's the tomboy in me. I just can't bear to drag a bunch of crap and hey, the hotel has fancy soap right? It is New York after all.

Let's start with the meat of fashion week: clothes, clothes and more clothes. I get really excited every year due to the mere fact that I can push the envelope, be free and creative, and leave behind the confines of my kid's school and real practical life because let's be honest I am not wearing a silk blouse when I'm feeding my kids waffles or taking them to the zoo. So, I live for these moments. Every chance I get to ditch my jeans and wear beautifully crafted pieces while sipping champagne under bright lights is a major MOM WIN in my opinion.

Here's what I'm packing from my latest Fall Collection. These are my go-to's for elevated downtown style, heavy with leather, and layered with various accessories etc. All of the looks are available to you as well, so you too can get in on the pomp and circumstance, no matter what city you'll be watching from.

Brinx Dress

Nottingham Leather Legging

Windsor Printed Silk Blouse

Priscilla Leather Jacket

Covet Suede Moto Jacket

As for accessories. I'm taking a variety of vintage sunnies that I've collected over the years and some killer new Valentino shoes you can't miss. I also recently stumbled upon this jewelry line that I really liked called Anuja Tolia. Fashion it-girl and mega sweetheart, Orly Shani, was wearing the latest from their new rainbow collection the other day, which launches September 25th. Mark your calendars @anujatolia. The items are reasonably priced and the designs are so interesting and gorgeously made. I'm fortunate enough to be wearing a variety of styles in NYC so stay tuned to see how I style them.

Finally, I'm listing out 8 of my top beauty products in my toiletry and makeup bag. These are my tried-and-true favorites.

I promise you will agree.

Dr Bronners Magic Soap... basically use this for everything that's dirty (in case there is no fancy soap) I like Almond or Lavender but they make 10 natural scents. It's the perfect travel soap.

Mario Badescu Super Collagen Masque & Vitamin C Serum... I use these both the night before important events. Hello, dewy skin.

Charcoal Toothpaste... you don't want a dull smile for the cameras.

Urban Decay's Naked Eye Palette... perfect natural-ish smokey eye.

Ouai Wave Spray...For hair that's perfectly undone. This stuff lives up to the hype.

Charlotte Tillbury Magic Cream... Worth the $100, perfect for glowing skin...and standing next to 20-something yr old models.

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant ...that works. For real. And for when you're squished in next to two big important socialites. Also, I've tried hundreds of natural deodorants and this is the only one that really works for me.

So there you have it. Everything I'm taking right here - minus my iphone charger and underwear.

I swear it is all going to fit. Sort of.

Wish me luck and please follow along on my fashion week journey @christinakarin -- as always I'd love to hear from you. What do you want to see?

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