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Summer Blog Series: Muses We May Know Part 2

Hello again. I'm back with our second installment in the Summer Blog Series: "Muses We May Know." Just to refresh, the series is dedicated to finding empowering and fashion-forward "muses" that exist all around us...ones that we actually might bump into at the UPS store or Ipsento.

With that said, drum roll please for my second muse of the Summer. Please welcome (and get to know) this talented lady, Julia Daoud, founder of Simply Jules. Julia is not just a spot-on fashionista but a brilliant content creator and brand maker, and in this day and age that's the name of the game (or one of them at least). Julia's family is from Jordan but she was born and raised in Cincinnati, where her mother was an assistant buyer for Gidding Jenny. Are you spotting the fashion lineage here? Just setting things up for you. She later attended DePaul University with the plan of becoming a doctor, but quickly changed her mind (and her major). In a big leap, she decided to make her start in the fashion industry as a content creator for brands/designers and that's how Simply Jules was born.

I first found Julia on the "discover" section on Instagram late one night sitting in bed, and was really impressed with her style and fashion sense. Months later when we finally met in person I was wowed beyond. She is someone who is even more beautiful in real life than her superstar photos (if that's possible), but what really made me want to know her more was her professionalism, business knowledge, and her ability to engage and participate on a much deeper level than "all about me." She asked questions about my business and genuinely cared about and tried to offer solutions to my business process. We discussed marketing and sales and her brilliance was obvious. That's why you're reading about her here. Julia is a bright, hard-working woman and inspires me as a designer beyond her obvious beauty.

Side note, I realize you've been obsessing over the top she is wearing above so let me link it here for you: Mock-Neck Panel Top . Julia wore this top on repeat on her recent trip to the French Riviera, but I assure you it will look just as good at the Big Star patio as well.

So, naturally when she returned from her trip, I had to ask her what was it about the Christina Karin label that spoke to her. And this was her response. "It's incredible. You find pieces that are so carefully designed that it's impossible to find a similar piece anywhere else. The quality and fabrics are brilliant and the CK label really makes being fashionable effortless; I highly praise and value that in a label."

Well, I couldn't say it better.

See for yourself.


I wanted to know more about where she finds all her coolness so I asked her about what inspires her most. "It's all about travel. Even just sitting on a plane can generate an assortment of new ideas." She paints a picture of her closet as a curation of pieces from all around the world. Julia also admits to being surprisingly introverted, especially when it comes to creating and finding her balance and describes her style as slightly evolving. The one lasting factor is her constant level of simplistic elegance and sophistication. I think every woman can relate to this. I mean who isn't evolving? We all have our phases read: bandage dresses, bad decisions, braces...and we all learn better and move on. At least we try (thanks Facebook for taking us back every morning).

Chicago's best kept secret? Her response was refreshing, "Chicago's creativity. Chicago’s creative world is expanding so rapidly and it’s amazing to watch it grow and be a part of it."

And lastly, if you follow my insta-stories and see my love for food, you know I had to ask about her favorite Chicago restaurants >> Here you go:

Purple Pig, Sunda, and Jellyfish are her top 3. A solid list if I don't say so myself.

That does it for Part 2 of the Summer Blog Series: Muses We May Know.

Hope it was somewhat entertaining/empowering/fun.

Would love to hear from you with any comments, questions, or feedback

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