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Ok, let's face it you're cutting it close for the perfect gift and it's almost time to coronate that Mom of yours like the Queen she is. No worries, I have you covered with my last minute, 'what she really wants' gift guide.

1 This. One. Is. Everything. The Alexandra Drape Tunic is a gift giver's (not to mention receiver's) dream mainly because it is ONE SIZE, fits everyone beautifully regardless of shape (I can attest to this as it has been a best seller since I started designing 6 years ago) and it is the most versatile piece you'll ever own. In the above picture I'm wearing my black one over jeans and paired with the Priscilla Leather Jacket. Belt it, embellish it with jewelry, wear it loose, as a tunic over jeans, leggings, tights, perhaps as a dress if you're feelin get my drift, right? You need this. I promise you will call me for other colors. Anyway, if you like to look cool and chic without trying much, this is for you/your mom/your sister/friend/your's that good. Also, if you order in the next 24 hours we're offering complimentary next day shipping to ensure Mom can rock it for brunch. Just making life a snap for you aren't we?

2 The Forever Belt: Kieselstein-Cord makes the ultimate accessory. Pair it with your Alexandra Drape, these are probably the most beautiful belts and buckles around. Each one is handmade out of recycled precious metals like sterling silver or bronze and is a true wearable work of art. They enhance any outfit and are just the right amount of statement. Sort of a vintage delight, you can come across an assortment on the Real Real or Tradesy and they ship immediately.

  • 3 The Love Print idea is amazing. I'll break it down for you. You get this kit, you take your kiddies fingerprints, mail it back and you get your necklace, cuffling, keychain, whatever. Oh, and they do "Pawprints" too for all you doggie lovers. I know what you're thinking, how is this a LAST MINUTE gift idea?? It sounds like I needed to start this last month. Well, the actual "gift" is that you just figured out your "FATHER'S DAY" gift (All us moms know how hard we rack our brain for days and then settle on a cheesy mug with family selfies on it) So, this year I'm doing us moms a favor by sharing this cool idea...also, because receiving gifts can take other forms and are not always a physical gift for us.

4 I love food and most people do too. Chrissy Teigen's a girl after my own heart and this book is so much fun. I highly recommend it and can actually say I've cooked more recipes out of this book than any other recipe book I've ever owned. My standout faves are the Dutch Baby Apple - so easy, so good, and the kids will love it too; the Chicken Pot Pie Soup and the Yellow Cake Baked Oatmeal are other standouts. Get it on Amazon for the win. You and or your mom will never be uninspired in the kitchen again.

5 Ok, this is the Slacker's Last Minute Guide after all so I'm going to throw in my fave new sunnies. These updated Aviators in Gold and Black from Gucci are for sure not being returned. They are cool, easy, and new. Done. Love you Mom.

6 And finally when in doubt you can never be basic with great flowers to show your mom how much she is loved. Flowers are like sending universal kisses, and my favorite company for sending them are because not only are they the freshest and most chic, but they work with your local farmers and support sustainable eco-friendly practices. Also, they aren't over-priced and from those I've asked (and demanded pics) the flowers actually arrive looking like the online images.

Hope you found something you liked for your mom (or for you) and remember in the end it's not the gifts, or the "things" you will remember, but your time together - even if she still is nagging about your new haircut or your boyfriend or your messy house. Moms are one of a kind and I don't know where I would be without mine. Love you MOM.

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