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Style Guide: Color Confident

Artichoke Print Blouse

Ok, we're pretty sure your closet is dominated by black, but this season it's time to make room for color. Who wouldn't want to wear a rich mix of Verdent Green, High Risk Red, and Imperial Blue? Our custom print is currently giving us life with its cool hues and implied texture. It was created by stylizing a photo of an artichoke and then adding layers of colors to create a vibrant and digital effect. Kudos to our super cool Design Team -- and we think you'll agree.

In addition to the coolest print -- these blouses are versatile, wearable day or night, and easily transition from casual and laid back to polished and fashion-forward. The material has a sheen that's rich but not stuffy, and the satin collar and buttoned cuffs give it a powerful and edgy vibe.

Now that you're feeling confident about color, shop the Artichoke Print Blouse (pictured above) and the Artichoke Print Zipper Top , and also check out some styling suggestions from our team.

Sheer Cocktail Pant

You're Welcome.

XO, Christina

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