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Not So "9 to 5" Workwear

Focus in on workwear that works from 9-5 and plays from 5-9. When it comes to dressing for the job, we want to ensure women can take their look straight from the office to a night out. Not only at Christina Karin, but on catwalks all over the world, workwear is a trend to watch. Strong prints and plaids give the look an extra push of power, complemented by modern takes on classic ensembles. Monochrome head to toe is the way to go if you really want to nail the look (and the job). Double brested jackets, overlapping vests, and soft silhouettes dominate, calling on accesories such as a statement belt or bag to tie it all together. The Daphne Dress is a perfect work look for the #girlboss in all of us with its geometric seaming, plush knit fabric, and stretch sleeves. If you love to layer, the Amber Tie-front Vest is a great go-to, easy to throw on over any ordinary outfit to take it to the next level. The Ivy Knit Dress is the ultimate in comfort and style, with its trendy bell sleeves and utilitarian front pocket, essential for every woman who wants to feel like she's working in her loungewear. No matter what your job is, we have looks that work for you. Now, get to work!!

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