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2016 Fashion Round Up

We've rounded up our favorite trends and beauty looks from 2016 and put them all in one place for our CK insiders. This year saw a lot of trends come and go but these are all here to stay for 2017. Starting with beauty, braids were all the rage on and off the runway this year. With their simplistic yet stylish aestheitc, they're perfect for everyone from models to moms on the go. Try a classic french with messy ends or a mohawk braid for an edgier look. Another beauty trend (that also made its way into garments) is metallic everything. Whether you're gilding your lids, lips, or limbs, you can't go wrong with a pop of metallic shine. Metallics also made a splash in the slip dress trend, but you can find them in all shapes and colors to go with your look. The slip dress is definitely the major staple piece of 2016 and soon to be 2017, with its ease and instant sex appeal. Velvet texture also adds a fun element to the slip dress, and can create a whole new look for a bomber, pumps, or basic tee. Blush was the color of the year, making its way into every aspect of clothing industry. It's the perfect soft touch to any outfit, keeping you femenine and chic. Oversized sleeves are one of the more daring trends of the year, but we love how they make a statement. Try this trend in a classic white dress shirt or slouchy hoodie if you don't know where to start. The laced up look started in 2015 and stayed strong throughout 2016 as well. This is another trend that can be incorporated into almost any garment, making it have major staying power for 2017 as well. Our favorite piece that hits a few of these trends is the Wanderer Slip Dress, featured above and below, because it is perfect for any event, day or night. Now that Christmas is over, take full advantage of those holiday sales and stock up for the new year!

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