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Style Insider Series: Emily Mercer

Emily Mercer is an Fashion Market Assistant at Women's Wear Daily, and her individual markets include swimwear and intimates -- but also working with the Women's Fashion Team on the contemporary/luxury markets -- they cover everything! Her favorite part of her job, hands down, is finding emerging designers and trends from the latest runway seasons. She was born in Indiana but will never go back, she loves NYC too much. She got her degree in Retail Management from Purdue University but also attended FIT in New York for an intensive one year Merchandising Management program. After graduating, she got her start in NYC freelancing for WWD, and since then has worked with numerous top brands as well as emerging designers in the area. She currently lives and works in New York City and spends her free time exploring local hot spots and finding the freshest new fashion.

Take a look into the cool-girl life of Emily:

1. Describe your personal style in 5 words.

Edgy, skate, monochrome, relaxed, and accessorized.

2. What is your first fashion memory?

Hoarding magazines at a very young age. I was always obsessed with them when I was younger and would read everything from Teen Vogue to W to Vogue and Lucky (&etc) cover to cover. I still even have some of the memorable Vogues, Teen Vogues and Ws.

3. Name your top 3 style icons.

Mary Kate + Ashley Olsen (technically that's 2), and Sami Miro.

4. What’s your favorite summer trend and what trend do you hope fades away?​

Lotsssss of jewelry (anklets!! And other delicate pieces). So easy to throw on no matter where you're going. The trend hope fades away: exact trend copying -- everyone looks great when they do their own thing/rock their personal style.

5. What’s your favorite piece from the Christina Karin Spring/Summer 16 Collection and how would you style it?

My favorite pieces are the white leather maxi and the striped shorts! I'd mix them with my bomber jackets or summer tanks depending on the weather, and pair with some jewels, sneakers or my Alexander wang fav sandals!

6. What’s in your bag right now? From beauty essentials to tic tacs.

Rose gold iphone6s, Amanda wallet wallet, 69 denim coin purse, glossier balmdotcom and boy brow, keys, eyelash curler, and Mac lipstick in Stone.

7. What’s your vice: shoes, bags, or jewelry?​

My vice is definitely shoes. I always end up splurging on way more pairs then I should. Right now I'm in need of new sandals and I know I'll end up buying more than necessary! Can't help it! 8. If you could time travel, which fashion era would you go to and why?

Oh definitely to the 90/early 2000s, because of McQueen.

9. What is your ideal summer getaway/destination?

My ideal summer getaway would honestly be to my lakehouse in Michigan with my friends and family. Or to Switzerland, that country is gorgeous!

10. What's your favorite Snapchat filter?

My favorite snapchat filter is the alien face (without space in the background) because I think it makes me look like Molly Bair.

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