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Styling that Summer Bump

Well figures that it's one of the hottest Summers on record and I'm deep in the thick of my 3rd trimester. (Yup thanks Universe, another hit coincidence of yours) Pregnancy isn't easy to begin with but this heat sure takes it to a whole new level. With my 3 year old son, Colton Gerard, it was the total opposite and I was able to cozy up to the fire with my hubs, drinking hot cocoa and wearing oversized knits on repeat.

This little girl is already challenging me -- Summer bump dressing is not easy, especially for someone like me who doesn't love being pregnant in the first place. I'm not like those women who claim to feel more beautiful than ever. I feel like a sloth. Nevertheless, I love fashion and embrace the temporary challenge. Here's a mini slideshow of my favorite looks. I was able to find a few pieces from the current Summer 16 Christina Karin Collection that were flattering and easy-to-wear while still looking chic and on-trend. Best part is nothing is "maternity."

With just a few weeks left, I wanted to share some of my style DO's for any of you out there who are pregnant or who become pregnant soon.

One, I have found that the tighter the fit the smaller one looks so stretch is your friend ladies. It doesn't have to be "maternity" if there is a stretch component to the fabric. This also happens to be great on the budget as I am sure many of you have something in your closet with stretch that can be re-purposed for maternity styling.

Two, layer layer layer. I know it's sweltering outside but there are many options for layering, whether it's light-weight sheer vest, linen jacket like the Star Crop Moto from the Summer Collection or my wear-everywhere light leather crop jacket. A vest or light jacket gives us ladies an opportunity to create dimension and visual aesthetic for the eye. This is key when pregnant because it helps create a longer and more balanced silhouette. Score.

And finally, play up a feature such as your shoulders, legs, or arms, that you still feel good about (there HAS to be something!) For me it's been my neck and shoulders lately as there is nothing left so I've been loving the Off-the-Shoulder blouse trend with my sheer black version from the Collection. Usually trends are a bit too predictable for me but this one I don't mind because it still lets you interpret it your way - add jewelry, great shoes, or a killer lip to make things just your style.

When it's all said and done, you're not going to remember feeling like a hot mess - so chose to embrace the beauty and miracle of making another life. It is certainly one of the best things I have ever done and my proudest accomplishment of them all. I can't wait to share my daughter with you and all of our new fashion adventures. Enjoy the Summer, be safe, love one another and don't forget to canon ball in!

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