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Style Insider Series: Whitney Reynolds

Whitney Reynolds is an Emmy nominated TV host of "The Whitney Reynolds Show," now in it's 6th season with PBS. Her news background and passion for people have been combined to create a show that is changing the world of talk TV. She produces a program that is dedicated to tough topics, inspiring viewers and provoking positive change.

Originally from Oklahoma, she's learned how to combine southern charm with big city hustle. Her motto is: if the door closes, there's always a window. Whitney graduated from Baylor University in three years and then moved to New York to intern for Good Morning America. Post GMA, she was a morning anchor in both Oklahoma and Texas. She has since planted her roots in Chicago, and lives in the Lakeview neighborhood with her husband David and their dog Puffy. Whitney and David are expecting twins in August. When not on air you'll find her promoting her affordable jewelry line "Accessory Mercado By Whitney Reynolds" and volunteering with organizations close to her heart.

Get to know Whitney and see some of her Summer favorites:

1. Describe your personal style in 5 words.

My personal style (off air) I'd say is city chic with a side of southern flair! Being from the south my southern flair always comes in one form or another however I love dressing city chic!

2. What is your first fashion memory?

My first fashion memory was modeling at the age of 3 with my mother in a Oklahoma fashion show! From the pictures in my scrapbook, it looked like I loved the runway. 3. Name your top 3 style icons.

Style icons- Not sure I really have any. For my show I trust my stylist and rock what they put me in. 4. What’s your favorite summer trend and what trend do you hope fades away?​

Well this summer has been all about maternity outfits... I love the tight fitted dresses that show off my twin bump. I am NEVER a fan of my husbands crocks. They should be outlawed by all LOL 5. What’s your favorite piece from the Christina Karin Spring/Summer 16 Collection and how would you style it?

Love the star blazer! I'd style it with a red skirt and wear it to the 4th of July parade in Evanston I host every year.

6. What’s in your bag right now? From beauty essentials to tic tacs.

My bag- you can tell I'm a total preggo HAHA- A pop tart, water bottle, backup stud earrings, boss gloss and wallet. 7. What’s your vice: shoes, bags, or jewelry?​

LOVE Emy Mack Shoes, Jimmy Choo Clutch and my jewelry line- shameless plug Accessory Mercado 8. If you could time travel, which fashion era would you go to and why?

Why time travel, the older style will be back before we know it! Typically love most of the trends that come in. 9. What is your ideal summer getaway/destination?

Well we just went on our Babymoon to Catalina Island and I am pretty obsessed with that stretch of land in the west coast. It was the most relaxing time I've had in a long time. 10. What's your favorite Snapchat filter?

I'm @WhitneyShow and my favorite wrinkle free filter is the one that looks like big eyes!

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