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Style Insider Series: The LALA Girls

The Lala is an online magazine dedicated to empowering college students from across the globe with the authentic, positive and uplifting content they’ve been waiting for. A true Lala girl oozes personality, owns her individuality, and gives a damn about the world around her. In short, she’s a kick ass, powerhouse, rock star– and she hasn’t even graduated from college yet. From hard-hitting opinion pieces to fun fashion advice to their all-original video and photography, the Lala produces substantial, stylish and spirited content; serving as the leading voice for college girls today.

Meet the founders and creative minds behind it all:

Katherine and Molly got their start in the college publishing industry as Sophomores at Purdue University. In need of writing samples to land internships, they launched the popular college lifestyle blog for the women of their campus.

While at school Katherine & Molly noticed a major disconnect between negative college media and the bright, passionate women who were consuming it. So they decided to do something about it. With the support of best friends, cheap wine and the power of Google, they expanded their idea & the Lala was born.

Katherine Crowley:

Katherine holds degrees in Women’s Studies and Mass Communication from Purdue University and has past career experience at Seventeen Magazine and Purdue University Marketing & Media. With a love for all things digital marketing, media and innovation, Katherine oversees digital ad sales and media operations for the Lala.

1.) Describe your personal style in 5 words

Simple, classic, timeless, natural, elegant.

2.) What is your first fashion memory?

I was that girl who was always obsessed with dressing up in costumes. My mother filled my dress up closet with old vintage clothes that had been passed down to her from my grandmothers. Looking back, those dresses I played in probably should’ve been in a museum. One dress, in particular, stands out in my mind. My mother’s neighbor when she was growing up gave her the gown she wore to her wedding in the 1920s. It was a champagne colored satin gown with long sleeves and cloth buttons down the entire back. It was unbelievable. I used to love to wear it around the house.

3.) Name your top 3 style icons.

Jane Birkin, Lauren Hutton, Katharine Hepburn

4.) What’s your favorite summer trend and what trend do you hope fades away?

I love my classic black one piece, I’ve been rocking it since I was 16 and it’s an absolute summer wardrobe staple— it’s just so glamorous and comfortable! As for summer trend that I hope fades out… big, chunky, platform sandals. They look comfortable, but they’re just too clunky for my taste!

5.) What’s your favorite piece from the Christina Karin Spring/Summer 16 Collection and how would you style it?

The wide leg linen pants are to die for. I’m really into monochrome - it’s just so easy and chic to throw on an entirely solid outfit. So I would match this with a white sweater or white crop top, and accent it with my favorite silver and gold jewelry- a vintage watch, a few Italian bracelets and some bangles. Instant chic!

6.) What’s in your bag right now? From beauty essentials to tic tacs.

Running from meeting to meeting, I always have a fully-stocked leather backpack with me. Also, because when I leave the house I tend to leave for the entire day— I never know what my day or night will bring, sometimes I pack so much it seems like I’m camping. Right now I have a few Clinique products, a change of shoes (yes, I have slip-on sneakers in there!), my laptop, a cordless charger, some Lala notebooks, oh and an apple. I love apples.

7.) What's your vice: shoes, bags, or jewelry?

Jewelry all the way. I wear the same jewelry every day- a few simple thin rings, a vintage watch, and a few bangles. They’re my signature!

8.) f you could time travel, which fashion era would you go to and why?

1960s. It was just one era, but there was such a shift in women’s fashion from the early 60s to late 60s. FromTwiggy’s mod look to free-spirited flower child fashion, I can’t help but think that every look that was rocked in that era became iconic.

9.) What is your ideal summer getaway/destination?

I was born and raised on Cape Cod, so I have to say the Cape. It’s my favorite place on earth- especially mid-summer!

10.) What’s your favorite snapchat filter?Snapchat filter

Face swap, That will absolutely never get old. I swap with my mom, my roommates, my boyfriend, I’ve even tried swapping with my cats- never works.

Molly Longest:

Molly graduated from Purdue University with degrees in Public Relations & Advertising and Art & Design. Molly launched her own photography company in 2009 and gained industry experience at Fashion R. Limited and Purdue Marketing and Media. Molly serves as Creative Director producing all-original photography, video, copy, branding and creative design solutions.

1.)Describe your personal style in 5 words.

Colorful, quirky, daring, comfortable, ever-changing

2.)What is your first fashion memory?

When I was little I used to sketch outfits all the time because I thought I wanted to be a fashion designer, and I also DIYed so many of my clothes or was also dying and studding tank tops or cutting my jeans up.

One of my earliest memories though of creating my own style was probably when I was in elementary school and I started wearing my dresses over pants because I thought it looked cool. It was the first time I think I realized that when it came to fashion, I didn’t care what anyone else thought and I was just going to wear what felt good to me. I’ve never been shy about that.

3.)Name your top 3 style icons.

Oh gosh, it’s so hard to choose! I adore Taylor Tomasi Hill and everything she wears. The Olsen twins (can that count as one icon) – they’re clothing is basically modern art. And Blake Lively. Maybe everything she wears is amazing because she’s literally a human Barbie, but she can never go wrong.

4.)What’s your favorite summer trend and what trend do you hope fades away?

Right now I can’t get enough of anything off-the-shoulder. I just think it’s such a classic, flattering and sexy look for summer. Plus it shows off your tanned shoulders.

Honestly, I’m not a huge trend person – I just tend to wear what I feel flatters me or items I’m drawn to. I think even if there’s a look I wouldn’t wear, that trend is right for someone and maybe they chose it because they were drawn to it. I think as long as people are wearing trends because it reflects their individual style, I don’t think any trend should fade – unless you’re wearing it only because it’s “trendy”.

5.)What’s your favorite piece from the Christina Karin Spring/Summer 16 Collection and how would you style it?

Of course I love the off the shoulder jumpsuit – I’m a huge jumpsuit fan – but I’m obsessed with the white linen jacket with blue stars. It’s the perfect statement piece and I truly believe nothing brings an outfit together better than a great jacket.

For day I’d throw it on with a sweet sundress and tennis shoes. I love the juxtaposition of an edgy jacket with a girly dress.

For evening I’d throw it over a form fitting midi paired with laced-up heels and big hoop earrings. Giant hoop earrings are a staple in my wardrobe.

6.)What’s in your bag right now? From beauty essentials to tic tacs.

I bring my Ambre Blends scented oil with me everywhere. It’s the only perfume or scent I ever use and people have literally stopped me on the streets of New York and asked me what I’m wearing. It’s magical stuff.

Other staples in bag always are Maybeline Baby Lips, normally a notebook or two (never know when inspiration will strike), most likely a Kind Bar or apple, an extra pair of sunglasses, a few extra pieces of jewelry (I like options), and a whole lot of crumpled up receipts, spare change and old gum.

7.)What’s your vice: shoes, bags, or jewelry?

SHOES! When I get one bag I like, I carry it for life, and my jewelry lately has been pretty minimal, but ah, I love shoes! And I don’t discriminate. Sandals, sneakers, sky-high heels, Timbalands – I love them all.

8.)If you could time travel, which fashion era would you go to and why?

Easy – the late 60s to early 70s. I think I would’ve thrived in both the flower child Woodstock time, as well as disco. My own personal style is a myriad of bell bottoms, maxi dresses and jumpsuits.

9.)What is your ideal summer getaway/destination?

I grew up in Indiana, so summer getaways meant weekends at my friends’ lakehouses around the state. Give me a weekend on the water with lots of swimming, boat riding, drinking beer and cooking out and I’m one happy girl. To me, summer getaways should be simple, technology-free and all about the outdoors.

10.)What’s your favorite snapchat filter?

I mean, face swap is brilliant! I’ve spent so many hours giggling over it with friends. It doesn’t get much more hilarious/creepy.

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