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To Leather, with Love

There isn't any part of THE METALLIC LEATHER COLLECTION that doesn't scream luxury. It's in the smooth surface- the fabric as soft and supple as a newly plucked peach. Luxury is in the shear implication of desire- brought out through the black sheer mesh. It's also in the finest detailing- evident in the carefully cut fringe and the crisp clean lines. This leather is oxidized to create a subtle metallic ripple effect that is unique to the Christina Karin line. The shine captures the light creating a spotlight on the woman who wears it.

I'm a simple woman, but everytime I slip into one of these pieces I feel transformed. Luxurious, decadent, and sexy; I've made these pieces staples in my wardrobe. An instant of not knowing what to wear is made simpler because these pieces are an outfit in themselves.

I hope that you too can enjoy these pieces as a treasured part of your wardrobe.


Metallic Leather Collection

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