This limited edition luxury candle is hand poured in the Midwest using an all natural, clean burning non-gmo soy wax from Midwest farmers. It is highly dosed in scent from only the finest natural essential oils. 


“When I think of Muse Absolut I think of the feeling I get when I first wake up in the morning after a deep sleep, the sunlight streaming through the curtains onto my face, heart full, a day ripe with possibility ahead. And when I go to bed at night dreaming of the future, reflecting, where anything is possible. It smells exciting, sultry,  yet mysterious and complex. Like the best is yet to come. It makes me feel empowered. Confident and fearless. 


This fragrance has taken over a year to complete because I wanted it to evoke a deep re-awakening - as a woman connected to herself.   In touch with her femininity and strength. Unapologetically confident and effortlessly herself.


This time, her own muse.”