This limited edition luxury candle is hand poured in the Midwest using an all natural, clean burning non-gmo soy wax from Midwest farmers. It is highly dosed in scent from only the finest natural essential oils. 


“When I think of Muse Absolut I think of the feeling I get when I first wake up in the morning after a deep sleep, the sunlight streaming through the curtains onto my face, heart full, a day ripe with possibility ahead. And when I go to bed at night dreaming of the future, reflecting, where anything is possible. It smells exciting, sultry,  yet mysterious and complex. Like the best is yet to come. It makes me feel empowered. Confident and fearless. 


This fragrance has taken over a year to complete because I wanted it to evoke a deep re-awakening - as a woman connected to herself.   In touch with her femininity and strength. Unapologetically confident and effortlessly herself.


This time, her own muse.”



Founder & Creative Director



Muse Absolut 01 - 11oz.

  • A re-awakening has come, fragrant with succulent gardenia and bright citrus, brimming with vivacity, and reminiscent of a lush terrace rooftop at dusk, waking from a lucid dream. Traces of verdant vetiver, musk and sensual vanilla pair with notes of dark worn in leather and subtle birch wood for a richly layered, mysterious affect — much like that of a woman in all her complexity. Stunning and heady, this scent embodies the true spirit and vigor of an artist’s inspiration, a muse.


    Available in 5oz, 11oz, and 32oz 


    *20% of each sale benefits SHE’S THE FIRST ORGANIZATION, with the continued mission of giving back to our communities and making a greater lasting impact on change. 

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98% would recommend

Maureen Signet



6/7/2021, 7:27:50 PM


Bought this in the store before it was released and see it is now online. the fit and design of this piece is unlike my other dresses. it is so chic and the drape when it's on is gorgeous!

I recommend this product.




4/21/2021, 9:13:36 PM


this dress is stunning. the color, fit and when you walk it's a literal heavenly satin thing of beauty. Wearing it asap!

I recommend this product.